Saturday, August 02, 2008

"The YuYu" and other inspirations

I've recently found some time to finally peruse through the animated shorts on AWNtv, and have discovered some gems. This one in particular excites & inspires me a great deal...

I absolutely LOVE this film and how it ties together with the awesome music. Further investigation led me to the animator's website Bitey Castle and more episodes of this unraveling story.

Normally I haven't had much desire to continue working in Flash, outside of my brief experimentation with it, but seeing stuff like this makes me re-consider. Not to mention this little clip, all drawn straight-ahead in Flash (and synced to Monty Python's "Book Shop" sketch):

Both of these animators (Adam Phillips and Rune Bennicke respectively) have worked for Disney. Great stuff!

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David Nethery said...

Yes, the great thing about what Aaron and Rune are doing with working in Flash is that they're treating the program as a digital animation disc , similar to how many people use TVPaint.

Instead of using Flash for moving around digital cut-outs they are actually applying traditional hand-drawn principles , but using a Wacom tablet instead of pencil on paper.

Another animator who has mastered this approach to Flash is Alessandra Sorrentino. Check out these clips she animated in Flash using a Wacom tablet:

Alessandra "Wulfie" clip 1

Alessandra "Wulfie" clip 2