Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Business as Unusual

So my last blog was written immediately after watching 'Passion of the Christ' finally. My thoughts were mostly very introspective and quiet afterwards; I was very moved by it overall, despite the glossed-over resurrection and melodrama. I know the story, so I didn't watch it so much as a movie, but more of an artistic interpretation, like a moving painting, or possibly a time capsule. I got pretty sucked into it, and found myself reciting the Scripture along with times wanting to reach out to the screen and shout out my belief and love to the Lord. It basically confirmed for me what I already believe and have experienced personally. The Jars song came to mind as the best reaction, since I connect with the fact that even if I can't explain theology or ethics completely well, the one thing I know is the historical and spiritual significance of those events....Jesus is God and He died & rose again to save his, you, me. He makes all things new. My mind boggles at this, that the creator of the universe would do such a thing for little ol' evil me.

In other news, today we got our greeting cards back from the printers, so we're very excited about taking them to the shop to be sold. Also we got our copies of the movie review book from HollywoodJesus yesterday, which includes our review of 'Home on the Range'....we're in print all over the place these days.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Read this my friends. He died for you.

Arms nailed down,
are you telling me something?
Eyes turned out,
are you looking for someone?

This is the one thing, the one thing that I know.

Blood-stained brow,
are you dying for nothing?
Flesh and blood,
is it so elemental?

This is the one thing, the one thing that I know.

Blood-stained brow,
He wasn't br0ken for nothing.
Arms nailed down,
He didn't die for nothing.

This is the one thing, the one thing that I know.

'Liquid' by Jars of Clay

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Come to Canada

I cordially invite all Americans reading this to come live in Canada/Vancouver. The air is cleaner, the meat tastes better, the people are great, and nobody is threatening to kill us.

Single guys out there, I highly recommend Canadian girls. I found at least one that is totally worth it.

Come to Canada....we will paint you a picture.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Well, just had a great weekend...Friday night after work I finally got to screen my new 'Spooky Toons' Halloween program for the students. Not as big of a turn-out as I had hoped, but those present had a good time nonetheless.

Saturday was teaching in the morning, chillin' out in the getting my absentee ballot-affidavit thing signed by a funny notary public...
Me: Hi, I need to have this signed for my absentee ballot.
NP: Oh OK, i'm not really open right now, but since you're here, I'll do it for ya.
Me: Thanks, I'm supposed to sign it here in front of you.
NP: (after photocopying my ID) OK, so you swear that all this is correct eh?
Me: Yep.
NP: (signs and stamps) OK, I'll have to charge ya $20 for that.
Me: Oh, well I don't have $20 on me but I can run across the street and get it.
NP: Ah no, that's OK, just give it to me next time you're in here.
Me: (Sure, I come here all da time!) No it's OK, I'll be right back.

I love this country.

Saturday evening was spent with dinner at Dad's and dessert at Stella's, for her 50th birthday, of which we were not aware it was her 50th, so that was a neat surprise. What a unique social life we have.

Sunday was a day that traditionally used to be spent frantically tacking up cobwebs and hanging dead bodies from trees, and occasionally splattering blood on my face and goin' to Rocky. This year it was church, quality time at home, and horror movies at Mikey's. We watched Evil Dead 2, my Spooky Toons show and some South Park. My costume was a piece of black licorice, meaning i wore a black shirt. Also watched fireworks at the neighbors' house with hot apple cider...mmmmm boy! I like these new Halloween traditions. I'm still somewhat torn on my feelings towards this beloved holiday of mine, and question how my reactions to it shall change over the years with starting a family and whatnot. Growing up it was in many ways the lynch-pin event of every year, and in later teen years I think it was yet another outlet for my rebellion. I still find ways to enjoy it, even if many of them are reminiscent in nature. It's interesting to note how my reactions to holidays in general are evolving. Should be a good Christmas...