Sunday, May 28, 2006

Coming down

It's been another lazy Sunday for us, other than an outdoor church service and May Days parade with donuts and coffee. I've been feeling really gross the past few days with a cold-fluish type thing. Not sure where I caught it, but I attribute part of it to climate change and coming down off the high from working so hard on the book these past few months. All of the CD material got sent off the other day, and all chapters minus the introduction have been approved and fine-tuned by me and the editors. I've seen proofs for the first four chapters, and it looks a real book! It's all very exciting and extremely surreal.

Baby is still kicking alot and we can't wait for her to be here. Scheduled family visits are starting to take place; Mom and brothers will be here in August for about a week, and I'm assuming Dad, Grandpa and hopefully Francie & Shucree sometime in the Fall. Our plans at this point are to go to Michigan in the Spring, but will have to be before or after the dates in March when Dan is going to Europe, the lucky guy. I'm excited for him.

Now that the book is out of the way, I'm starting to focus back on the film again. Backgrounds will be started soon and a few scenes have been farmed out for in-betweening. The documentary project is still hanging over my head too, and I'm not sure when that will see the light of day. It mainly requires getting our computer fixed up first. Who knows, I'm sure I'll know when the time is right to attempt making it into something, perhaps just a short film of sorts. I'd also like to put Snot Living on DVD soon, as soon as I get a working transfer from Steve. Lots to do...

Monday, May 22, 2006

Long Weekend Ketchup

Time to ketchup on recent events.

A few weeks ago I had a radio interview on CBC Radio, and I'm still waiting on getting a recording of it, either from the Reel Youth festival people or from CBC. When I get a copy I'll post it here. It was a lot of fun...I love doing radio...takes me back to old WCBN daze.

Author review time for the book going well...I have to get going on the CD material very soon, as I'm running out of time for it.

My brain is...hold on a second...that's better. My brain is pretty full with lots of things these days: work, baby, book, films, eating. Our baby has been kicking and dancing up a storm lately, and many a relaxing night between business has been spent on the couch feeling it move while all of the good TV shows wrap up their series finales. We are at the point where we would rather have it here than inside there. Already preparing myself pretending there's a little person in the house. It's all new so I don't really know how to act, other than being supportive and excited, and take it as it comes.

Luckily today is a day off, so here is something to give the brain a rest...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lucas, Rest In Peace


Very sad news from this week...a four-legged member of the family went to Doggie Heaven. He was a constant source of entertainment and the cutest dog I've ever had the privilege to know. It's surreal and sad when a dog dies; I remember when Tyler died it was weird not having him in the house anymore. The neat thing about Lucas is that we were given a pretty urn to hold his ashes which is sitting in the sun on our windowsill, so now our landlord can't say anything about having a dog in the apartment. He's finally living with us, and we can actually feel his presence.

Lucas was really Jay's dog, so she has a much more detailed and heartfelt tribute on her blog. But I miss him too.