Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hollywood Jesus Gathering Day 3

Happy New Year! Today was our last full day here in Renton. The discussions today were really good; very insightful and entertaining too. Topics for today included Race & Cinema, Language of Film, Gospel & Culture and Influences of Hollywood Jesus and its purpose. It's amazing to really think about how big HJ really is and how much of an influence it's becoming. Neat to think that some of us are starting to be invited to press junkets too. The best part of this whole weekend was putting names to faces and meeting people of like mind, including Peter Chattaway who lives in Vancouver working as a writer, and he and his wife are also expecting...twins, in fact! :o

Tonight, before ringing in the New Year, we shared favorite movie clips. I showed the incredible "I'm Lost" scene from Lilo & Stitch, and also my Lord of the Rings/Bring Me to Life video, which was a pretty big hit. A large part of me is sad to leave, as I think in one weekend we only stratched things on the surface, but God knows that more great things will happen. And yes, David Bruce is a real person! Very real, indeed. Future e-mail correspondence will be much more meaningful now with everyone, and I hope this happens again next year!