Monday, July 28, 2008

A Random Post...just because I can.


So I'm finally getting back into the swing of things as I come down off one project and get in touch with life before moving on to the next one. Yes, I finally finished my online Stop Motion Animation 1 course for the Academy of Art! Now the final touches are in my editors' hands and we all await some students possibly for the Fall. I'm already thinking ahead a bit for a "Level 2" course, which I'll also be writing before too long.

Until then, it's all about work, work and more work until our upcoming birthday party for Ariel and family vacation to Yellowstone! But all work and no play makes Ken a dull boy, so...

(image H.Jessup/W.Jenkins) of my part-time students graciously gave me a copy of one of the rarest animation treasures out there, the UnCut version of Twice Upon a Time (with the naughty words intact). Apparently I also have his mom to thank as well, as they had taped it off HBO during of the 12 mysterious airings from the 80s and kept the tape. Pretty good transfer too! I haven't decided if the profanity makes this a better film or most cases it doesn't, but I do chuckle when Scuzzbopper says "a***ole" off-screen.

My brother sent me this and I love it...

...this weekend we got to celebrate the wedding of our fellow VanArts comrades Blake & Nicole, who met at the school years ago through a series of personal connections & circumstances that ultimately led to this momentous day for them. I was so proud to have a little part of that! We had a great time. It's amazing how many lives have changed as a result of that place, and how all of our lives weave and connect together.

Mischevous Me creates a little 'Jack & Sally' drawing for the happy couple.

We got a little goofy leaving creative gifts at the table.


The VanArts American/Canadian Marriage Club claims another Victory!

...and this weekend we got to see SPAMALOT on its final day here in Vancouver. It was AWESOME to finally see it LIVE on a stage; the cast was great and threw in lots of Canadian touches too. Such a fun show!

...and now, HOLY CRAP!!! Coraline Puppets!!!!!!

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Ryan McCulloch said...

Wow, the Goofy Movie production values are pretty good, might have to check that out again. it's been quite a while.