Friday, July 22, 2005

How to be a Hoser

So it's official...on August 18th I take my test for Canadian citizenship, and then find out what day my ceremonial rites shall take place. I wonder, would the animal symbol of someone like me who will have dual citizenship be something resembling a platypus? The American Eagle lays eggs, as does the platypus, who looks like a beaver. Then where does the duck come in?

So now I am spending some time studying for the big test, and all of those important questions and facts: memorizing the Tim Hortons menu, learning how to build an igloo, how to chug a beer, hockey jersey identification, the date VCRs were legalized and learning the lyrics of Anne Murray songs.

2005 is kickin' ass so far.

Friday, July 15, 2005

i'm still alive

For those of you living precariously through my posts, no I did not die in Mexico. There was one day when I felt like I was going to, but I made it home. After this whirlwind of travelling, I went through a brief period of exhaustion and semi-depression and just overall sluggish-ness...wiped out from too much excitement and not enough savoring the moments, just going from one moment to the next. i'm all better now.

since the last post some interesting highlights of life have been a family day in Victoria for Kyle's graduation party, Katrina & David's wedding, going to VidFest, our 4-year anniversary with a relaxing day off at home and awesome steak & lobster dinner at the Harbour Centre revolving restaurant with awesome view of the city, (and awesome view of Jay...she ate a duck!), and another visit from Pixar which went worlds smoother than last year...cuz all i had to do was take pictures.

the film is also back in full swing, which is outlined in more detail on my film journal. Showing the Thief workprint tonight, so all is good.


You know what, something bugs Close Encounters, when the mother ship first opens up you see a spidery-looking alien who raises his arms up and then in the next shot you see all of these little aliens walking around. So what happened to the big spidery alien? Did he turn into all the little aliens, like Voltron? Is he a Christ figure who just dematerializes? I don't get that.