Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random Weekend Post

Today is Sunday. After church and the Ladner market, I slept all afternoon. Now I'm awake and full of ribs, cake and coffee. This shall be a random post of stuff I've been experiencing and discovering.

First, some pictures of Ariel I'm particularly proud of, as she is obsessed with the Muppets, loves Kermit and calls Rowlf, Piggy and Fozzie by name.

A few days ago I had a random memory flash of some childrens' books I remember from my younger days, which are now on my radar for seeking in used book stores or if I find a good deal online someplace. There was a Little Golden Book at my grandparents' house from the 50s called A Dragon in a Wagon which had some great modern illustrations in it...some of them posted here.

and a book which I had a love/hate relationship with, The Man Who Lost His Head.

I loved the story and thought a couple of the illustrations were funny. So much so, my dad decided to blow them up and hang them on my bedroom wall. Then I got scared of them and we had to cover them up.

And finally, Jay showed me this hilarious site today:

...and this. All I can say is BRILLIANT! (Be sure to watch all the way to the end)

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Ryan McCulloch said...

Those Garfield comics are BRILLIANT. will watch the video soon.