Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy 7 Years!

Today marks 7 wonderful years being married to my best friend and creative companion Janet (Jay)! I'm so proud of everything we've accomplished together, especially the birth of Ariel and the love and friendships with others that we have nurtured and welcomed into our marriage. I'm so grateful that God brought us together.

To celebrate the occasion, we present the online debut of the little "music video" that I secretly edited together as part of my marriage proposal to her, partially updated and re-mastered from the original version. I woke her up from her sleep by sticking a post-it note on her head telling her to follow a trail of candles to the TV where this video was ready to play...and the Jack & Sally serenade at the end was literally my little song to her.

Happy Anniversary Sweetie! I sure love you!


Ryan McCulloch said...

Congrats! Great Video! I wanted to play "Somebodies Getting Married" at my wedding. Didn't happen though.

amanda said...

i can't hear it because the audio has been disabled :(