Sunday, June 08, 2008

Breath of Life Animation Festival 2008

Well, what can I say, after having this vision in my head for several years, it's surreal to think that it actually happened...and better yet, it happened quite successfully! The first Breath of Life Animation Festival was held at Cedar Park Church in Ladner, BC on Saturday June 7.

Here's the registration table that welcomed people in, with demo animation tables behind.

The display for Create Art with Brenda Breuls, who did a lot to help organize and plan this event. This is all artwork created by kids who she teaches in her after-school and summer art camps.

Some worms created by Robin Carpenter and "Clayman" Paul Moldovanos for the Claymation Worm Race.

Soon-to-be-newlyweds and VanArts grads Blake Standard (EA Canada) and Nicole Tremblay (Atomic Cartoons) prepare for Animate Your Face!

Here they come! On-lookers check out VanArts student Fernando Gama Cintra and Disney's Calvin Leduc (behind) working on some 2D animation...

Gerard De Souza and Ryan Esau showed everyone how to draw cartoon characters...

...while Amanda Emery and Heather Trevis demonstrated how to make their drawings come to life with flipbooks!

The Claymation Worm Race!

Animate Your Face!

Pixilation Central, where kids are being attacked by a living set of bongos! Apparently the kid moving the bongos was wondering, when asked to move out of the frame, "But how are the bongos going to move if I'm not there to move them?" Eventually I think he got it. Shane Holmes (Nerdcorps Animation) and Peter "Leon" Roy directed these kids.

The Doodle Room was a surprisingly big hit for all ages, including the younger set...

...and Ariel.

The snack room gives everyone a chance to re-fuel.

Brenda gets her caricature by animator Sujan Chowdhury.

...and so did Ariel...

...and me, convincing me that I really need a haircut.

Everyone gathering in the sanctuary for the 4-o'clock Short Film Program! (If you look closely you'll see fellow movie reviewer Peter T. Chattaway sitting in the blue shirt with his little boy Thomas!) The screening consisted of films such as Librarian from the Black Lagoon, Monk and the Fish, The Creation, La Traviata, Next Door and a few more surpises...followed by all the animation from the day's workshops!

A big highlight for me was opening the program by sharing Disney's "Sorceror's Apprentice' on 16mm film!

Ariel joined me on stage to applaud with everyone at the end as I thanked everyone who made this day possible!

Here is a video of all the participants' animation!


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Overall the reaction to the event was fantastic, everyone had a great time and are poised to do it again next year, so I think we've started something special!


Ryan McCulloch said...

WOW, looks like a lot of fun!

Jas said...

Nifty fun! Love the worm race, with 'pre-vis' simulation by the kids themselves!

Micah said...

Ja! Looks like ze fun vas hadt by effrebotty! Very nice!