Saturday, June 30, 2007

Platform Day 4

Thursday, after checking out of le hotel, the first order of businesss was to get some breakfast. I wandered into the Oliver Twisted restaurant across from the festival venue, where I had eaten twice before already. This time nobody came to serve me...I sat there for over 5 minutes watching the staff ignore me so I left and got a muffin & coffee back at the venue instead.

Then got to sit in the "Statler & Waldorf" section where the filmmakers go, as part of the present crew for the Librarian film. It was very well received and fun to see on the big screen. After that I dashed over to the 'Job or no Job' panel and distributed the rest of my VanArts brochures to the many students attending. The last main event I attended was the Aardman Presenation with David Sproxton, which was fantastic and great to watch live action video references of Nick Park acting out scenes from the Were-Rabbit movie. Also got to see the actual Wallace & Gromit (and Lady Totty) puppets in person...who would have thought that such tiny puppets would be swarmed by a huge crowd flashing their cameras? Would "Pupp-arrazzi" be an appropriate term? (har har har) That's one of the main things missing from CG, as fun as it may be to watch, there are no artifacts to display as part of it.

I also got to meet Stephen Chiodo and gave him a copy of my book...incredibly nice guy and I look forward to staying in touch with him for help on future book projects. Also spoke with Imogen Sutton (Richard Williams' wife) and heard about the DVD project they're working on, which sounds awesome. Whereupon thereafter I had to head back home, but overall the festival was a fantastic opportuniy to get so many great people together and celebrate the art of animation. The films, from what I did see, were a mixed bag but mostly wonderful, but the best part of these events is really the people. I feel blessed to have gotten to know so many people this week who are doing great things in the animated realm. I look forward to next year!

In other news, I've created a NEW BLOG for the production of 'Storytime with Nigel', yesterday we had a succesful grad for the VanArts June group, and Ariel's face when she finally saw me after all this time was a real priceless treasure! We went to an outdoor film festival screening of Grease last night with Jack & Stella. Looking forward to the rest of them!

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