Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Becky: My New Hero

Our radio station has crossed over to new management playing the same crap, which is rather pointless and I will miss our DJ friends. Jay is very upset over losing them. I don't get why this always happens. Some people are dumb.

Anyway, whenever this kind of thing goes on, there is a day in-between where they play all kinds of weird stuff like novelty records and comedy bits, etc. Now THERE'S a concept! Why can't we have a station that's like Dr Demento-stream-of-consciousness stuff all the time? I would rather listen to that. As a result of listening in last night to the strange radio filler, I discovered a sound clip from this 8-year-old girl named Becky who is a radio personality in Ireland! This is the one they played:

And luckily, there's more! If you need a laugh, this is the place to return to:

More Becky

And More Becky!

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