Thursday, June 28, 2007

Platform Day 3

Wednesday was relaxing and enjoyable. Upon arriving at the venue I got to hang out with Steve's student Jared who is helping him with Kinex Studios research, and I got to see a few more of the films in their entirety. They're so ingenious for their time so we gotta find out more about them!

At the Animators Picnic I got some advice for my next book from Amid Amidi and got to chat with David Sproxton, Steve Segal (in photo checking out the book) PES and David Levy, plus several animation students doing stop-motion and other projects, and people from Laika. Good times all around.

Afterwards was a very good presentation from Amid on Tom Oreb, good burgers for dinner with Micah & Galen and more competition films, most of which were abstract and weird, and the Animation Show with Don Hertzfeldt. Always great to see those films with a crowd. After that I was interviewed for some kind of rotoscoping video project and was asked if cartoons can save the world. I responded that cartoons are the only thing that can possibly save the world, besides Jesus...but that the two go hand in hand. Well, time to get going to today's events and the long drive home!

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