Sunday, February 06, 2005

Highlights of 30 years

1975 - my first year...don't remember much.
1976 - still a little blurry; i remember some scary dreams i had, Sesame Street kept me entertained.
1977 - Star Wars comes out and provides the opportunity for my first movie obsession.
1978 - my brother Jonathan is born, Friday nights involve the Muppet Show, Family Feud and Dance Fever.
1979 - unbeknowst to me, my wife Jay is born several thousand miles away, I start writing stories, my favorite film The Muppet Movie is released, and I go to Disney World with my family.
1980 - I start Kindergarten at Mason School.
1981 - my obsession with birdwatching starts to take effect, I start 1st grade and continue to write.
1982 - I write a play, ET and Dark Crystal are both released and 2nd grade begins.
1983 - my brother Daniel is born, and my obsessions range from He-Man to Muppets to Mtv to Showbiz Pizza Place to more Star Wars.
1984 - Ghostbusters mania some point I learn how to swim, sort of.
1985 - I start 5th grade with Mr Brock, and Dad buys a VCR & video camera.
1986 - school trip to Toronto, charcoal drawing classes and starting middle school, which is rather scary but I get used to it eventually
1987 - family trip to Arizona, starting 7th grade.
1988 - I win the school talent show, and start hanging out with friends Doug, Jamie, Graham & Blake.
1989 - creativity flourishes as I make comedy tapes with my friends, win the talent show again, meet my friend Meighan, have the best summer of my life and start high school (9th grade).
1990 - learning to drive, starting 10th grade, that's about it.
1991 - hanging with friends, making haunted houses for Halloween, discovering Rocky Horror as an outlet for my teen angst.
1992 - more of the same, starting my senior year, camping trip in Canada with friends.
1993 - school plays, all things band related, graduating high school, rock band Snapple is born, starting art school at U of M, meeting friends Jeff & Brandon.
1994 - Pink Floyd concert. Only major highlight.
1995 - paint Star Wars mural in the dorm, summer job at movie theater, start making student films, camping trip in da U.P.
1996 - more films, start experimenting with animation, another summer at the movies.
1997 - start first animation job with Steve, finally graduate from U of M.
1998 - trip to Los Angeles, working for Steve, finishing Snot Living, swordfighting theater troupe, road trip to Vancouver, starting at VanArts.
1999 - trip to San Francisco, visit from grandparents, summer in Vancouver, meeting Jay.
2000 - dating Jay, getting engaged, finding Christ.
2001 - getting married, and all that comes with it, our first apartment, etc.
2002 - Disneyland/Arizona trip, working at VanArts.
2003 - moving into bigger place, visit from Grandpa.
2004 - visits from family and friends, continued work on film projects.
2005 - so far, last night, when Jay successfully organized a surprise birthday party for me, filled with family and friends, German chocolate cake, photos of my life everywhere, toys, food and good fellowship, leaving me humbled and blessed.

Not a bad 30 years.

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