Monday, January 31, 2005

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mellow evening at home, bloggin' with the winamp jukebox shuffle. last friday was another grad at the cinematheque, and a successful one. lots of good reels. it's amazing to watch the growth of some of these students, how much they learn. makes me think i should be more open to learning more about the changes that are going on in the industry, different softwares and whatnot...(current music: bridge - queensryche) but when do i have time for that? i suppose i am content to coast along with the knowledge i have about animation, because ultimately if i was really that passionate about it, i'd be more eager to go outside the box. i'm not even that motivated these days to animate the old school way at my desk, hence me sitting here blogging about it rather than doing it. but seeing jose and carlos' film and what they accomplished, and sifting through the scenes that carlos took back with him to Spain gave me a little glimmer of desire to get back to the drawing table again soon. i guess my spirit just needs a breather, a respite from what may be expected. Ha! what sweet irony! Current Music: i'm going to go back there someday by Gonzo. yes, my muppet friend, i will.

i believe i've been inspired lately to try and get back into writing. i always come back to that. the movie reviews are a good start, and i think just getting back into reading the right books is definitely a step in the right direction. the original 'joseph and moon' brewed in the back of my head (current music: horn - Phish) for a few weeks until the time was right to just bat it out over a weekend, so another birth pang is likely overdue. part of me ponders over what it would be like to have a profession doing animation or writing professionally, and some chances have sprung up here and there, with bix pix and bowes, etc. but i truly feel, as i do after grads that go well and aren't held in crappy venues with sound problems, that i've been called to serve in the job i have right now, serve the talents and careers of these amazing people i have the privilege to meet, and that my own 'break' into the business will come in God's time, in some way that will be more satisfying than if i was to drop everything and do my own thing. (current music: Rosanna - Toto ) i'm already seeing glimpses of opportunity that pop up, like the call for a voice acting gig at Wolfgang's studio, for instance. when i look back through my old journals i was always obsessing over this plan i had and these big lofty dreams that everyone expected me to live up to...all the while being disappointed because my life could never possibly live up to my vision of where i should have been at that moment. i was rather miserable and frustrated. Thank you God for leading me into a good job where I get to be a servant and stay continually inspired to try and keep up with my own 'work.' (current music: angus dei - third day) see? even Winamp is praising the Lord.

Huzzah! i turn 30 this weekend. guess i'll have lots to reflect on this week. but better get back to the drawing board and stop thinking, let things happen and be the ball.


current music: sweet dreams are made of this! Amen to that.

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