Monday, February 07, 2005

Birthday Fun

So yes, like I said I was rather blown away by the surprise party, even more so at the fact that Jay, who cannot keep secrets very well, had succeeded in deceiving me about it for over 2 months. I suppose it helps that as I get older my brain cells are apparently depleting and making me more gullible. Perhaps, but in actuality I think Jay also did a good job of bluffing. Makes me wonder, do we really get smarter as we get older? I like to think so, but I wonder if each human person is a blueprint of the human race as a whole...since I think humanity has been regressing since the beginning. anyway, random thought there.

coming up the stairs for the party, the first person I saw who I didn't expect was Dave, and then Toby, and then by that point everyone said Surprise!!! and shortly afterwards I noticed Charles & Misti, and Marcos & Beth, which really threw me for a loop cuz I am not used to seeing people from work mixed in with everyone from Ladner. A strange merging of worlds...and then every corner I turn there are more people, and then more people. Totally in shock was I, who really just wanted to go to the bathroom. Good thing I wasn't MORE startled than I was. Talked to Penny & Bill and Grandpa Priebe on the phone that night too.

The previous part of the day was spent as such: me sleeping in until 9am when Jay woke me up with breakfast in bed, my Dad calling right afterwards, watching The Godfather and Jaws with Mike, and having a romantic Italian dinner out with Jay, during which the overhead speakers played an Italian version of the song in the beginning, which Jay walked down the aisle to at our wedding. pretty awesome that was.

one of the best days of my life hencewith so far, me dost thinketh.

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