Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscars, Animation and Where Have I Been?

Apparently turning 30 means I disappear! Poof! But no, i am back. Changes going on at work keeping my mind pretty occupied and my desk full of things to do. New students arrived last week, still waiting on a few more to show up. It's a good group.

This weekend was the Animation Show screening at the Ridge. Glad i got to check it out this year. I got to meet Mike Judge and Don Hertzfeldt in person, which was very cool...very normal down-to-earth guys. Especially surprising with Don, he's very unlike his films, yet at the same time you can see where the genius comes from. The films were arty but mostly funny and very well done...makes me wonder if my film is of the caliber to be part of the show in a few years. I shall send it anyway and see what happens.

Last night went to an Oscar party thrown by people from church, and had a really great time. Jay beat me as the supreme winner-predictor! and i came in second. Everyone thought we must have seen all the films and had all of this inside knowledge, which is funny cuz we never go to the movies. Between the two of us, the only films with any nominations we have seen are Ray, SuperSize Me, Passion of the Christ, & SpiderMan 2. We have become wait-for-DVD people. Heheh.

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