Monday, September 01, 2008

Getting life organized and reflecting...

Happie September! Today is the 10-year anniversary of the day I first landed in Vancouver to officially live here. It's pretty amazing to think about, and to think about how far things have come since then. 10 years ago today my friend Brandon and I were on the last day of our big American road odyssey across the country from Michigan to Vancouver, which is all still lovingly documented on my old website here. Ah, good times. It's also ironic that part of the same road was recently trodden on when we drove to Yellowstone a few weeks ago.

Ken & Brandon at age 23, a modern-day Lewis & Clark about to discover America.

September 1, 1998...Ken looks to the waters of Washington pondering his future.

10 years later, he's still pondering...

This long weekend has also been one of re-organizing and de-cluttering our house, going through old things and throwing many of them away. As time goes on, so does the amount of stuff one can easily collect, which must be dealt with at some point, to make room for more stuff. In light of reflections on 10 years in BC, one thing I found and decided to keep was this drawing I did (Click on it to make bigger and actually read my scribbles). I remember after Brandon flew back to Michigan it was strange having so much time to myself alone in new surroundings. The summer leading up to that time was so busy and chaotic, it was a bit of a culture shock until school started and I was around people again.

Lots of other mementos, old tapes, and random pieces of the past have been disposed of this weekend, but the most important stuff has been preserved and well documented. Another something from home I've archived a bit today was a collection of photos from my vacation to Walt Disney World in 1979 when I was 4-years-old and Jonathan was 1. Since we're preparing to take Ariel to Disneyland in a few days, I felt it good timing to get these pictures into a new photobook and scan a few of them in.

More pictures here!

I'm also excited that re-organizing things and changing "where we put stuff" has allowed me to put all of my animation-related books and other rare treasures onto one bookshelf. Before they were all spread out in different places around the house, so this will make life easier. Ah, my precious...

Ariel's had a fever all weekend as well, but is still her jovial self for the most part, except when she gets tired. Poor thing...hope she feels better soon.

Here we are watching Ariel's new favorite "movie," They Might Be Giants' Here Come the 123's, which was a birthday present from Uncle Dan...I've been meaning to rave about it it has some great animations & puppet bits included. Several of them are by a 2D Flash animator named Pascal Campion, who has his contributions to the set on his website as well...worth checking out!

One Dozen Monkeys

Nine Bowls of Soup

813 Mile Car Trip

Hooray for things!

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