Sunday, September 21, 2008


What a great week we had! I thought Disneyland was fun when Jay & I went on our honeymoon 6 years ago, but add a little girl to the mix and it makes things even that much more special. There is something about that park that separates it from all other parks and vacation destinations. I can't really put my finger on it...perhaps it's the history and vision of the place. As we walked around I couldn't help being reminded that Walt built it and walked around it himself, and his team of animators designed the original elements. Pretty amazing to think about, how one man we've never met in person still seems like a close friend who lives on within this park. I've been pondering over exactly why one gets emotional and welled up being it simply because it makes you feel like a kid again, or is there a glimpse of something spiritual going on? Walt intentionally envisioned Disneyland as stepping into another dimension of reality, and it really does feel that way after you step through the gates and especially going into the 'dark rides.' Perhaps that's a big key to it...a glimpse into the actual realm of the unseen being brought to light. Plus, few places satisfy my animatronic critter obsessions better!

As always, Jay has documented the entire day-by-day details on her blog, but here are my little Boundaries bytes of special moments and reflections...

Right away on our first night there, we got Ariel's first set of mouse ears!

...and she really enjoyed the "horsies"...oftentimes the simple stuff is best.

I love this picture of us experiencing the incredible fireworks show, which included a live Tinkerbell flying by the castle, sound bytes from the Haunted Mansion, the Star Wars theme, and all the classic Disney music that made me just well up and glad to be alive.

The perfect topper to the fireworks was getting to meet Mickey on the way out (immediately after Jay commented that we hadn't seen a single character yet...hehe)

Finding Donald was especially great, as he is my absolute favorite cartoon character of all time.

Yay, my favorite people, including Stitch!

A meeting of two Ariels.

This animatronic Mr. Potato Head was frickin' amazing! I shall post some video soon, as it was truly fluid and alive-looking.

"He's actual size but he seems much bigger to me..."

The Pixar parade was pretty sweet too. I think because they are already 3D to begin with, seeing them in actual 3D is more convincing. The 2D characters either translate well or they don't as much.

Dale and Ariel share a ticklish moment.

Threatdown...BEARS!!! It was funny how everyone was referring to these guys as 'Brother Bear' and the character-handlers had to remind us what their real names were, since the film itself wasn't all that memorable. (Gee, I wonder why we never saw anyone from Atlantis or The Black Cauldron?)

Jus' when you thunk you done seen every-thang...

Ariel loves dogs, so this was the ultimate dog for her to meet.

This picture says it all...

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