Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Week of Pop Culture Exposure!

In addition to my visit to the Krazy! exhibit this week, in between work & projects I've also managed to soak up some more entertainment. Saw the new Indiana Jones movie...despite any flaws I was quite pleased and thoroughly entertained! Basically I felt it was like George and Steven pulling out some of their "greatest hits" with nods to many of their earlier films, including American Graffiti, Close Encounters and of course the other Indy films, and just having fun with it! You could almost guess which ideas belonged to who...the corny jokes were most likely George and Steven...well, if you've seen the movie it's pretty obvious. I don't care what you's not Raiders but I had a good time.

Picked up the recently-released Muppet Show Season 3 and was quite intrigued by the Muppets on Puppets special included in the bonus features. I'm a little annoyed by Disney's lazy attempts to track down the missing audio bits though...there is a disclaimer at the beginning saying that at certain moments the audio drops out because that's how the original source material was....however I've seen (and heard) some of the silent footage in other Henson documentaries so it must exist someplace. Anyway, the production values of the show were incredibly cheap but it's a fascinating time capsule into seeing the masters at work and quite funny. Don Sahlin has the exact same voice as Frank's kinda creepy. Lots more info on the special here.

The rest of the DVD set has kept my little Muppet fully entertained. I couldn't be more proud!

Jay and I got tickets to the upcoming Vancouver run of SPAMALOT, so we're pretty excited for July 27...yet another date with my sweetie...awww....

Other news, today's Delta Optimist ran an article on me for the upcoming animation festival. Click here to read it.

...and finally, today's evening walk resulted in getting a good deal on Raisin Bran.

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Ryan McCulloch said...

Enjoyed Indy too! I great, old school way to be entertained. Looking forward to getting the new Muppet DVD too. Awesome!