Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back to the Weekend

It's been a bizzy week! I went to Edmonton & Calgary for a couple days to give info sessions for VanArts. The funny thing about flying back from Calgary is that it's an hour ahead of BC, and it's a one-hour flight, so on paper I landed at the same time I took off...time stands still. Weird.

We had a visit from our friends Meeka and Ren from Ottawa and it was really nice to catch up, look at bizarre childrens' books, watch videos and just hang out. Ariel enjoys company too...

and Meeka made her a little friend.

Back to teaching two classes on Saturday again...both 2D and Stop-Motion, so expect another 'creature comforts' dialogue exercise posted here in about 3 months. Today was Mothers Day and I made Jay an animated card...

This afternoon I also posted some rare footage of Rowlf the Dog on a 1960s TV show called "Our Place." Also includes an early version of the "Pops Orchestra" sketch. Enjoy!

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jriggity said...

That was a really great present there man!