Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ottawa 2006, Day 2

Today was mellow but productive, as how I would describe it. Slept in a little bit, until about 8:20, which isn't really sleeping in since I went to bed at 2, so in effect with the time difference I got up at 5:20. Stopped by the Ottawa School of Art, got a little tour and dropped off some VanArts stuff. For some reason I really like that just has a nice feel to it. Checked out some of the other school's presentations...then stayed for the Canadian Film Showcase, which was awesome. Talked to Marv Newland again and showed him my book (see picture).

Also talked with Ann Denman and got an update from her and the director of the animation festival in Portland they are planning for next year. They're interested in having me down for a book signing! Also met Tom Knott from Laika who will be involved with the Vancouver stop-motion panel discussion in November (where I will also be participating and signing books...mark yer calendar: Nov 29!)

The Canadian films were great, in particular: Abstract by Steve Whitehouse (reminded me of Pete Docter's student films), also liked Montrose Avenue (very modern 50s style Flash), Inheritance (stop-motion, creepy, David Lynch-esque, and starring a living cheese do you spell brilliant?), Cuz (cute Flash about global warming, sweet and simple), Emma Graves (which starred Meeka as the lead character's voice), and also Janet Perlman's Invasion of the Space Lobsters was cute, Marv's film was brilliant as always...and also in the David Lynch-category was a trippy cheesefest from Sheridan starring a CG Hulk Hogan playing video games in a psychedelic 80s video game world, which they accidentally played twice. Canada is weird. I like it.

Info Session tonight went very well, considering we had attendance of 3 people plus 1 parent, but it appears that all of them will likely apply, so it's worth it.

If you're reading this, please pray for my girls back home...they both have colds.

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