Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ottawa 2006, Day 1

Greetings from Ottawa! I am here to represent VanArts a an Animation Festival Patron, to support the animation industry, network with studios and hopefully recruit some students, plus meet up with some old friends. Joining me is VanArts 3D Animation Program Director Calvin Leduc. I don't have my camera here with me, as I cannot deprive Jay from taking pictures of Ariel...that would be a crime, especially since I have to keep an eye on how much she's growing, plus I miss them. Calvin has his camera, so I will mooch pictures off him and add them later. (Update: Pictures now added! Huzzah!) Poor Jay is sick and I can't be there to take care of her. Sigh...

Anyway, so far so good. The traffic was really bad this morning so both Calvin and I were running a little late meeting at the airport, but Calvin even more so, to the point where I almost panicked and might have left solo. But all good, we made it by our coattails. Funny thing was, while waiting in line to check our bags we ended up behind a guy with ammunition in his luggage, like he was a hunter or something, so he had to go through all this lengthy paperwork while we're in danger of missing our flight. Sometimes life shakes you up a bit to keep things interesting.

4-hour flight was fine, with Inside Man as the in-flight movie...first half very good, second half eehhhh. Made it here in time to check in to our very nice 2-bedroom suite, pick up our passes, see a copy of my book at the Aniboutique table, and go to the first screening. Some really great films...highlight was another masterpiece by Joanna Quinn (UK animator who does the cha-cha-cha-Charmin bears who get all happy about toilet paper). Her new film would not be quite as appropriate for television, but brilliant all the same, beautiful work. So far have run into and chatted briefly with my good friend Augusto, Barry Ward from Bardel, Marv Newland, Amid Amidi and Jerry Beck at our brief appearance to the Opening Party, where they had a Brazilian band that was way too loud playing in an Irish pub. Strange juxtaposition, plus beer. Beauty.

Though it's almost 2am here, I'm right on time for bed according to my BC clock, so off I go to rest up for tomorrow.

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