Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Victoria Trip and Clockwork Cold

We're now back from our annual Victoria visit, which was intruded upon by another annual visit, my October cold. So I'm home today trying to recover. Nonetheless, we had a great time as usual.

Hopped on the 1pm ferry, checked into the Regent (highly recommended), got my antique Mountie photo done to commemmorate my citizenship, shopped around, had dinner at Chandlers, and got to participate in a wonderful event happening at the Parliament building. The Cancer Society was accepting donations in return for handing out paper bags with candles inside to light in memory of someone struggling (or who lost the battle) with cancer. So we placed one for Grandma Priebe. It was a moving sight.

Next day we had high tea at the Empress and spent the afternoon at Butchart Gardens, where we had never been before, and it was worth the trip! Very beautiful. Felt good to connect with nature in all its glory. Much more soothing than the way I'm connecting with nature at the moment. *cough sniff hack*

Jay has more details on her blog and more photos on Flickr:

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