Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ken needs...

There's a freaky web thing where if I type "ken needs" into a search engine, the various results that come up will have random things I need spread throughout. Try it with your name!

Here's what the internet tells me I need. This is worse than a horoscope!

Ken needs to learn the balance between being a great friend, and being a poor fiancé.
Ken needs long blonde hair.
Ken needs everybody’s prayers and support at this time.
Ken needs to buy that Bible version that features the dancing clowns and pop-up pictures.
Ken needs a hug and some new windchimes.
Ken needs a new cleaning lady.
Ken needs judges to participate in the Central Regional Science Fair on March 20th.
Ken needs to follow up with SMETE (Science, Math, Engineering, and TechnologyEducation) on NSF-oriented content and tools.
Ken needs to go on more "ski" holidays.
Ken needs your photos!
Ken needs your support to continue that work as the US Congressman for the 44thCongressional District.
Ken needs to learn how to discuss how he is feeling and why he is frustrated in a constructive manner.
Ken needs bigger hints than most people.
Ken needs a fully functioning animal with a working nervous system - in other words, the animal must be conscious.
Ken needs breast milk because he is having trouble growing.
Ken needs a part to fix the water.
Ken needs to see progress in his life. If he doesn't he'll become very frustrated and angry.
Ken needs the paddles, STAT!
Ken needs to take care of his baby brother.
Ken needs to watch sports.
Ken needs to implement an intense and high profile anti-fare dodging campaign targeted on people who seem to think they really are 'free' buses.
Ken needs to travel 280, but Miller tells him he’ll be going 250 or so.
Ken needs to take himself out of the Christian leadership role for which he no longer qualifies.
Ken needs a hug, things aren''t going so well since he helped drive Enron into the ground.
Ken needs time to deal with reality and decides to go off on his motorcycle.
Ken needs more pimping out there in the blog world.
Ken needs some extra underground Muppet inner circle trade cred.
Ken needs proof and goes to Bismark Falls Nebraska to interview Wallace.

Won't you please help?

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sheila shoop said...

Sounds like ken needs to talk to someone like me :)