Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'm Canadian

It's finally official!

I would like to thank my loving wife Jay for the inspiration and waiting patiently through all the paperwork, and Nana, Stella and Pastor Dave for attending my ceremony (and giggling when they said the oath would be recited in French too). Seriously though, thanks for the support! Also to my family and friends back home, who helped me get to this day and will always have a place to hang their touque across the border.

The ceremony was very nice...94 people from 29 different countries were there too. The judge who performed it was very heartfelt and said some inspiring things. It's neat how there is lots of emphasis on joining a family and contributing to a community when coming here; I like that. I shall miss my colorful PR card which got thrown into a box, but I have a nice new citizenship card now with a more current haircut. Afterwards we all went out for lunch at White Spot, and I had my BC Burger with fries and a coke....a very symbolic American/Canadian meal. Beauty.

Also while in the neighborhood we made a visit to Ten Thousand Villages and the awesome record store in Langley, where I finally found a mint-condition copy of the Muppet Movie Soundtrack on vinyl, with a bonus poster, so naturally I was very excited and it was a perfect gift to find on a day like today. Praises!

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