Tuesday, January 18, 2005

2005 Blog #1

so it's 2005 and 10 years ago i was painting a star wars mural, 20 years ago in 4th grade doing something-or-other creative or obsessing over a pizza place or Ghostbusters or something, and 30 years ago i was in my last few days of womb service.

Today i live in Vancouver and it has been raining alot. My toes are wet most of the time. (Current music: Thank You by Led Zeppelin.) Figured i should sit here and blog since it's been awhile. I've been making a habit of reading more this year, trying to catch up on some books I should have read by now. Just finally got a copy of the 'Genesis Trilogy' by Madeline L'Engle.... (current music: ShoeHorn with Teeth by They Might be Giants) so i'm just starting to feast on that one a bit. She writes in a very non-linear fashion and touches on many good thoughts that don't always flow in a logical way, but i expect that's the point. (current music: Heaven by the Fire Theft) also nearly finished with 'The Silver Chair', second to last book in the Narnia Chronicles. The Last Battle will be next, and then i will be able to say I've read them all. i've been thinking of re-working 'Joseph and Moon' so all of this reading will help me prepare for that. there's also my 'animation as worship' book idea, and the 'road trip' story, which i found the movie 'Garden State' to be fascinating inspiration for. All of this plus my films...sheesh. i haven't been too motivated to work on the film lately... i think i should really farm out some scenes so that it can still be underway while i focus on these other projects for a bit.

(current music: Our House by Madness)

madness. how appropriate. been shooting final footage of jose and carlos for the documentary project, which i expect will be very interesting. like a sage as always, jay has been helping shoot these last few days, so it can be finished. (current music: And I Love Her by the Beatles) this song makes me think of driving in my dad's car circa 1981-82..the chuck e cheese era. i can smell the cigarettes and upholstery still.....(current music: Damage by Queensryche) again, how appropriate. ok, enough synchronicity for one evening.

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