Sunday, September 05, 2004

reflections from an overdue phone call

biting cold winter, walking from anita to hampton...the annoying 'alien ball' in my pocket..arch oboler's lights out everybody...the infamous birthday party all night with 'creepshow' 'friday 7', 'elm street 3', 'nerds 1'...couldn't drive in those days, so we walked with nighter and chip, or rode bikes...humphrey the bear cartoons..terror in the aisles...the python record...dominos and pixie stix overlooked by the big buffalo head...may rolls around, and the nighthawks return...they say 'beer' and dive...thrashing on the swings...watching horror movies and going outside to a huge thunderstorm, the street flooding....singing 'Paul Revere' stomping our feet with sheets of rain pounding the aluminum above us...watching the neighbors with an iced tea on the porch...end of an era, end of innocence, end of a decade......

why this time? why the obsession and ache to return to it? i think because it's a lesson in appreciation. we were alive, and still are to this day, even more so. any regrets from years afterwards are nailed to the cross, of which Ted reminded me today, thus creating an appreciation NOW even greater than any I had back then. The nice thing about memories is they improve with age, like wine, as long as they are appreciated and make ya want to keep living. And do I ever.


megulon said...

holy shit does that bring back memories! yikes, nostalgia everywhere...makes me wanna eat pizza, drink coke, watch horror movies and play pool!!!

here's to the memories! i miss you man!

Graham said...


Cheese also gets better with age, so long as you keep it refridgerated.

Buffy (THE buffalo (as if there could be more than one)) now lives on a wall in my basement.

What stories will Buffy be able to tell after the next generation?