Monday, September 20, 2004

back in black

It's good to be back, Lloyd.

well, hopefully i've gotten my annual Autumn cold & sore throat out of the way early this year. what's going on, well, i started teaching again on Saturday but ended up cancelling my stop-motion class so i'm only teaching 2D in the morning, which is actually perfect for right now. i need a break, and more time to work on other projects. the 2D class is so much easier to teach, and it always gets me pumped to work on my film.

jay and i are starting our business up, turning some of our fantasy paintings into greeting cards, and eventually other things. this is a great way to ramp up for more opportunities down the road to keep us afloat and creating art for people, so i'm rather excited about it. tomorrow i'm picking up the Star Wars DVDs, so maybe i'll rant about them later. life is good. do de do....

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