Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Website!

I now have a central place for all my "stuff" on the internet: articles, movie reviews, books, animation, videos, links to my personal and professional work, and plugs for my friends online. Still a few twix and tweax to make here and there, but the basics are there for anyone to enjoy. This blog shall remain for archival purposes, but for now friends, follow me on my new site as I update it with more of my unfolding projects. You can also follow updates for the site on Facebook. Thanks for following the Boundaries, and feel free to keep poking around here to look back on years gone by.


Masako said...

It looks good. Aside from Facebook, try using Twitter for updates as well. Having to manage around two or so social media sites for updates can be a bit of work, but in turn, you do get to spread word about your content on a wider scale.

-Masako Gun-

Staci Burruel said...

Congrats on finally getting a personal domain name for your blog. It’s like marking yourself a legit blogger, and that your contents are more reliable compared to other blogs. Plus, your readers will have an easier time searching for your blog.

Staci Burruel

Sage said...

Hi Ken! Your site is just so amazing. The categories are a great help. I must say, your poems are beautiful and the banner photo, too. Cheers! :)

-Sage Aumick

Glenn Evans said...

That Facebook page of yours will surely become a hit, especially that you activated the Timeline feature. It’ll show all your stuff that you want visitors to see, and they can do so by simply scrolling down their cursor. That’s like creating a gallery of your works online. =)

Glenn Evans