Saturday, January 01, 2011

Beyond the Boundaries...

Greetings friends! If you're still checking in or stumbling upon the Boundaries now and again, I realize it's been awhile since I posted anything here. Shortly after the last post, my workplace moved into a new building, we had an amazing family vacation to Michigan and New York, and the Fall season moved forward as I continued through the journey of life, work, faith and everything else. Just prior to this time period, my life was pretty much all-consumed by building my online course, which segued right into my son being born, which segued right into the extremely consuming process of my 'advanced stop-motion' book. Combining all of this activity with the exhaustion it would inevitably cause, along with the act of posting funny pictures & movies or interesting things I'm doing being replaced by the quicker, easier, more personal method of Facebook has caused me to re-evaluate how I can best pursue having a presence online for the world to share.

As of today I am in the final stages of a major freelance animation gig with a tight deadline, but taking a moment to simply announce my gradual shifting and shuffling of all-things-Ken online. This blog will likely remain for archival purposes, but a new website shall be underway in the next little while which organizes all of my work into one place.

More on this soon...

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ok man!

keep us in the loop.