Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gerald's Last Day

Justin and Shel Rasch of Stop Motion Mission are all the rage these days in the online stop-motion animation community with their independent stop-motion short Gerald's Last Day in the festival circuit, and deservedly so. I got a review copy the other day and here is my little testimonial:

"Gerald's Last Day is a triumph for independent animation and the art of stop-motion. It's a beautiful example of exquisite character animation, where the moments of silence and stillness say just as much as the moments of expression and movement. Justin and Shel have set the bar for what a creative family can achieve through hard work and pursuing their dreams to make entertaining films, just for the joy of watching inanimate puppets come to life."

-Ken A. Priebe
Author, The Art of Stop-Motion Animation

Check out the press kit and give them a vote for the Delta Airways Fly-in Movie Competition!


Nicole Standard said...

where can you screen this move?

Nicole Standard said...

sorry I wanted to say where can you see this movie haha.

Ken A. Priebe said...

It's temporarily viewable online for a limited time at

Ryan McCulloch said...