Sunday, February 08, 2009


I was absolutely blown away by Coraline in 3D last night, and I'd love to see it again sometime soon. I think it's a wonderful landmark film, not just for stop-motion but for all animated films in general. Truly inventive, technically brilliant, beautiful to behold, funny, scary as hell and just plain weird at times.

I felt a personal connection to Coraline herself, since she is from Pontiac, Michigan and cherishes her Detroit Zoo snow-globe. Just like her I grew up just outside Detroit and eventually moved to the Pacific Northwest (I believe because many of my favorite movies were shot here). The film has that misty Twin Peaks vibe that oozed BC/WA/OR out of its very sprockets. The circus scenes and eccentric characters were very David Lynch-esque (and also very Henry Selick!) My comment to my friends walking out of the theater was that you could totally tell it was made in Portland.

Everything about this film was exquisite…very deep and beautiful on many levels. While viewing it, I wasn't sure if it would connect with most modern audiences looking for mindless kiddie fare, but I'm pleased to hear comments raving all over the internet on the positive response it's getting. For that reason and countless others, it’s a film that deserves to be paid attention to and thought about.

My new review for Hollywood Jesus barely scratches the surface of what could read into this masterpiece, but it's a small start...

Coraline - Hollywood Jesus Review


Ryan McCulloch said...

I loved it too, great visuals and design, fun 3D! Lets hope this inspires more stop-mo films. Did you catch the "cameo" at the beginning by the late Joe Ranft?

Ken A. Priebe said...

Yeah man, I noticed it right away and pointed it out to my friends sitting with me.

Also mentioned it on the board.

Great stuff!

jriggity said...