Sunday, January 04, 2009

More Random Stuff

Here's some more random strange things I've discovered lately. Jay got cornered by some old folks at the thrift store and got a wooden storage box with ugly Disney wallpaper thrust upon her. Since we're trying to get rid of stuff rather than hoard it, we had to throw it out, but I had to get some pictures first, as some of the pictures are pretty strange. Especially, why is Daisy holding a Baby Pooh bear and why does Pinocchio look stoned? Is he pushing a boat through a slab of concrete?

I found this awesome 1950s stop-motion film, which I'm guessing is a coffee commercial, by the Joop Geesink studio. I love the human puppets and the happy coffee beans.

Found this cartoon too...the narration is strange and the animation is fun.

And this is a brilliant puppetry piece that my friend Galen found and posted on Facebook. Done in a Bunraku style with black suits and rods against a black background, there appears to be 2 puppeteers operating this little guy who is merely made of foam. So simple but beautifully done, and a good example of how line-of-action and posing comes across for a great live character animation.

Whee happy fun.

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Ryan McCulloch said...

Wow that puppet show was AMAZING!!! One of my favorite things lately.