Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to Teaching Full-Force

So it appears it shall be a busy winter/spring session for me in terms of teaching. Both of my Saturday courses (2D and Stop-Motion) have adequate enrollment to go ahead, which only happened once last year. In 2008 things really dried up in terms of interest for my stop-motion course, but it looks like things are turning around now for this year. In addition to being back to my 6-day work week, I'm starting to build Stop Motion II for AAU, PLUS finally getting to teach my Stop Motion 1 course, PLUS teaching another stream of Experimental Animation. That's 4 courses in all plus the usual full-time admissions wibbles.

So this shall be me...

In other news, watch for me at Spark FX coming up next week, namely introducing the '7th Voyage' screening, or hanging out Thursday & Friday afternoon and all day Saturday.


jriggity said...

Cool beans man! Enjoy it.


David Nethery said...

Thank you for staying with us, Ken .

I'm so thrilled that your Stop Motion class is running online this semester !

Glad to hear you're busy otherwise.

(I've found it's always better to be "too busy" than to be sitting around waiting for the phone to ring) .