Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend Ketchup

Here's a brief stream-of-conshess-ness post about stuff that's happened recently in my life as I sit here bleary-eyed from the chemicals that are present in two glasses of wine, two servings of monstrous Thanksgiving turkey dinner, and a decaf coffee...

I went to Seattle for a day...I gave blood...I went to work...I found a website through a Facebook group that allows me to download Old Time Radio Shows for my iPod...I went to Portland for a day, where I got to visit Bent Image Lab and Ward Jenkins' art show b-boy (still there if you wanna check it out!)...a student at VanArts died, which has never happened in 10 years of being there and I hope it never happens again...I went to his funeral, which was really sad....I was rather depressed & confused for a few days...been pondering my faith and getting back into the basics about Jesus and what he means to me...I'm starting to slowly come out of my funk and appreciate all who I love and all that I have...Thanksgiving (Canadian version) is a pretty good time to do that. And sleep is a good thing.

After the roller coaster week I've had, watching videos online with Ariel led me to the funniest damn thing I've seen in a long time. Pretty good therapy.

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