Thursday, April 24, 2008

San Francisco: Mel's Drive Inn

Today's shooting went well, despite some wrestling with the software I think it went OK. I was pretty exhausted afterwards; it's a lot of hard work teaching to a camera! So tonight I figured I would treat myself to my major destination for this trip...

The inside walls of the diner were covered with American Grafitti stills and George Lucas production photos...

...and classic ads & memorabilia.

Of course I had to stick with the classic 1950s All-American Mel-Burger, fries and a REAL Cherry Coke! Holy crap it was DAMN good...and I enjoyed it sitting right next to one of the little jukebox machines, continually popping in quarters for Sixteen Candles, Little Darlin, Green Onions and all my other favorite songs. I enjoyed myself thoroughly...this was the Shangri-La of all 50s diners!

Thanks George! My Cherry Coke and I salute you!

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