Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Random Creepy Things and Whatnot

So I've been easing into 2008 after the holiday hooplah by gradually balancing preparations for the years' events (building the online course, travels, work, etc) with enjoying the fruits of recent Christmas gifts and just being with the family, getting back in touch with old friends, and taking it all in.

The new Hollywood Jesus Review book is out, including my review of Ratatouille and tons more from the other writers. It's a thick volume this year...check it out here.

Jay and I have been making our way through the Twin Peaks series at night. It's brilliant stuff, and most of it I've been wanting to see for many years. I never caught every single episode when it was in its heyday, but I remember being so blown away by what little I do remember. It's easily my favorite work from David Lynch, since it has the quirky humor that's missing from most of his feature films...his features I find intriguing enough, particularly Blue Velvet, Eraserhead and Dune, but Twin Peaks is the best by far. Since it was made for TV, it's creepy Lynch-ness without getting as extreme and gross as his features do. Why is it possible to be simultaneously scared s***tless by something but also strangely attracted to it? Like this scene I saw for the first time last night (don't watch this if you are calm and happy right now)...

I can barely watch this without freaking out, yet...it's....just...so...interesting!

I got some goodies with my iTunes gift cards tonight too...some classic Bill Cosby, rare Oingo Boingo stuff I used to frequent while I was a VanArts student, random tunes by Led Zeppelin and Soundgarden I remember, and a few unfamiliar songs by Toad the Wet Sprocket that sound good. I'm holding out for their 'Fear' album to become available there...can't imagine why it's not, as they had some minor hits off it. I was really fond of that album in my high school/college days, and I miss it. Oh, whither Toad?

...and thanks to 'Studio Toledo' for the animated care package! I can't say I'm lacking in entertainment these days, that's for sure.


Ryan McCulloch said...

I need to get into Twin Peaks. I tried to when I was in high school, but I think I was just too young. Anyway, how can I get your e-mail?

Nicole Tremblay said...

I finished Twin peaks last fall, its such a good series. The movie is even more weird!! If you like that series you should give Carnivale a try also. (but sadly has the same fate as twin peaks and was canceled in its second season)