Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Big Scary Pumpkins

Unfortunately I wasn't around for this, but I knew I had to document some of the activity from Jay & Ariel's day at the Pumpkin Patch. Looks like they sure had a good time! Wish I could have been there.


Is it gonna eat me, Mommy?

These things look curiously like the Greedy from the Raggedy Ann & Andy Movie.

And here is the official website for the Pumpkin Patch! If you visit the site here, Corny Corn will actually talk to you. Before I saw the site itself, it was funnier when Jay imitated it.

Corny Corn also looks curiously like...

Holy crap, I hope Ariel isn't having nightmares right now about big scary pumpkins and corn with giant eyes that turn you to stone. I know I might. The only thing worse would be if they suddenly emerged from around the corner and didn't make any sound.

Is this cute, brilliant, or simply wrong? I can't decide.


David Nethery said...

Well, I'm just reading along looking at these silly "scary" pumpkin pictures and then you go and throw a picture of The Peanut Vendor up there... now I'm going to have nightmares. Thanks a lot, man.


Ian Milne said...

Hi there Ken,

My name is Ian Milne and I am a recent grad of VFS Classical Animation. I went to your book release at the Vancity theatre last year and was very excited about puppety after! Me and some fellow aspiring animators are now entering the Trick 17 competition here in Vancouver.


I was wondering if you knew of any good resources I could check out to get some pointers as we're all stop motion virgins at this point. Would it be possible to come down to the school for a tour and talk to the students to get a feel for the medium? Any help would be appreciated as you seem to be a bit of an authority on stop motion. Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.

Ian Milne


Ken A. Priebe said...

Nice to meet you Ian...thanks for dropping in! For getting into stop-motion, my book plus a few others (Aardman's Creating 3D Animation, etc) are a good place to start. I teach a Saturday afternoon class which is pretty packed right now, so visitors would be a bit awkward, but you're welcome to drop by and say Hi to me anytime during the week, or better yet, enroll in my course next January! The best thing overall is just to get your hands dirty and try it!

You already understand animation really well...your animation is outstanding and your traditional animation short made me laugh out loud! If you apply the same principles to stop-motion, it's all very much a similar process.

I'll make a point of attending the Trick17 screening...see you there!

Craig D said...

The Corn Vendor!