Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Little Puppetoon is One!

My little Ariel-
A year ago today I was breathing a sigh of relief that you had finally arrived after waiting so long. After all this time, I still look at you and wonder if you're really here. It's amazing to me how much you've grown and changed, and I've loved being able to show you the world and let you learn who Mommy & I are...and how much we love you. Always remember that since before you were born you've been surrounded by people who love you. Not just people you can see and touch, but a whole community of "fans" who have watched you grow through our blogs here. Remember that whenever you feel alone.

I look forward to the years ahead, when we won't only be able to play as we have this year, but also begin to talk, teach, learn and reason through life together...and of course, watch cartoons! You've brought me lots of joy, and it's barely even started.

Happy Birthday my little Puppetoon...don't grow up too fast!
Much love,

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Craig D said...

Happy Birthday to Ariel (your daughter) from Mariel (my daughter)!