Saturday, August 25, 2007

Free Saturday

Very nice to have Saturdays free for awhile. Today was for shopping, family time and ordering our new compy. Our current and first computer was built & purchased in 2002, and is definitely showing signs of age. Time for a fresh start! We'll have it next weekend.

In our shopping adventures today, besides getting me new's become a tradition that every Christmas I receive some kind of Jack Skellington item from Jay. Well, this year it's come a bit early, since you never know how long these things will last on the shelf so sometimes you gotta grab 'em when you see 'em. Still, I'm not allowed to open this until Christmas, so nobody tell me we bought this. It's a surprise, of course.

He even has a fuzzy beard! But how would I know that?

In other news, I recently completed the proposal for my next book and e-mailed it to Thomson Course publishers, who made the last one. By contract I have to submit my 'next work' to them for right of first refusal. I wasn't sure if they'd go for a history book but through their recent merger with AWN Press, perhaps they will, who knows? We'll see what happens.

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