Monday, December 06, 2004


well i got through another fall season of late late late late nights getting the damn dvd footage edited together for the school....jeepers, what a job! enjoyable enough work, and well worth it in the end, but not sure if i can handle doing that much again. i'll probably end up doing at least a little bit more in January. i wonder if there's a way to do it at the school somehow...hmmm. i dont know; i'm just glad it's over.

i've spent the last week coming home, watching TV with Jay and falling asleep at odd intervals of the evening to make up for all the 1am and sometimes 3am nights...LOL current music while typing this is Brak singing 'Magic Toenail', always make me laugh. poor jay suddenly became very sick with some kind of flu/cough/cold, a little bit of everything. wonder if i'll be next. ah, 'the neverending story' appropriate for the title of my blog. always makes me think of watching this movie in the cottage up north, on our new VCR. such a warm fuzzy feeling; i'll have to play it soon while animating. we just recently had the Esaus over for dinner and 16mm cartoon was a great time. and the current music moves on to Third Day, 'Your love oh Lord' hmm, sure would be nice to stay up and listen to music and ramble all night, but should probably get to bed, lest i succumb to the pressures of everyone around me getting sick. actually i think i might welcome such a turn of events at this point. gives me an excuse to watch Looney Tunes and Disney cartoons for hours and drift off to dreaming of things i'll forget when i wake up. Hmm, Switchfoot. Huzzah for Winamp shuffle. Joy....and on to the Thompson Twins. ok, throat getting tight. sleep you fool!


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