Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Business as Unusual

So my last blog was written immediately after watching 'Passion of the Christ' finally. My thoughts were mostly very introspective and quiet afterwards; I was very moved by it overall, despite the glossed-over resurrection and melodrama. I know the story, so I didn't watch it so much as a movie, but more of an artistic interpretation, like a moving painting, or possibly a time capsule. I got pretty sucked into it, and found myself reciting the Scripture along with times wanting to reach out to the screen and shout out my belief and love to the Lord. It basically confirmed for me what I already believe and have experienced personally. The Jars song came to mind as the best reaction, since I connect with the fact that even if I can't explain theology or ethics completely well, the one thing I know is the historical and spiritual significance of those events....Jesus is God and He died & rose again to save his, you, me. He makes all things new. My mind boggles at this, that the creator of the universe would do such a thing for little ol' evil me.

In other news, today we got our greeting cards back from the printers, so we're very excited about taking them to the shop to be sold. Also we got our copies of the movie review book from HollywoodJesus yesterday, which includes our review of 'Home on the Range'....we're in print all over the place these days.

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