Monday, October 18, 2004

mini break

Today is the last day of our little 4-day mini-vacation, which for us means sitting around the house doin' our own thing. Thursday night after work we stayed in the romantic suite at the Coast Plaza hotel in downtown Vancouver...complete with champagne & strawberries and a full room serviced breakfast the next morning. The room was on the 29th floor and had a jacuzzi tub right there in the room, with a swivel TV so we could watch Survivor in the tub. The view was amazing, though a bit foggy so the mountains were not readily visible. Friday we went shopping downtown and returned home to just chill out, watch 'Joan of Arcadia' as usual, Jay got to sew...unwinding is happy. Saturday Jay went to Stella's to quilt all day, so I stayed home with my animation table and worked on the film, which is mostly what I've been doing all weekend.

Last night we watched Farenheit 911, which I watched with a somewhat suspicious eye in terms of 100% of its facts, but accepted the majority of it as an un-doctored document of what's going on with the war and such. It certainly didn't make me feel any better about it. The atrocities that the American soldiers were committing against the Iraqis made me ashamed to be an American, and motivated me to fill in my Canadian citizenship paperwork. Not that it was the determining factor necessarily, as if I did it out of spite, as I have been procrastinating with it and planned on doing it this weekend anyway. That just added some fuel to the fire. I've always been proud of my nationality and I'm not planning on cutting it off all together, unless the government decides to do it for me.

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