Thursday, October 21, 2004

Fast Food and Theater

We rented Super Size Me this was definitely the weekend of documentaries. We were both impressed. I was particularly blown away and outraged by much of it, and it surely made me want to eradicate McDonalds from my diet completely, not only on a nutritional level but an ethical & corporate one too. Not an easy feat, but I think worth it. Today I had a salad for lunch, and my liver rejoices...huzzah!

Last night we went to see a play 'The Number 14' compliments of tickets from Jen, who we also got to see and that was a special treat too! The play was absolutely brilliant, an inspired piece of genius. I love theater and all its's something I wish I were more involved in. For sure it's another thing to pursue and conjure up ideas for. I'm fascinated by too many things.
...much better than being bored though. I don't think the word is in my vocabulary these days.

Also yesterday got to meet a guy who worked on Lord of the Rings. Isn't life diverse and wonderful...such glorious opportunities abound. If I could only get more sleep. Heheh. Suppose I'll have to get used to that for years down the road.

Back to work...

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