Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All Work and No Play....

Been spending a few days off, but not much relaxing. I may be off work-work, but work of other kinds continue here at home. I'm balancing two major projects that have deadlines looming, both my online stop-motion course for AAU and animation for Bigfott.

Today is our 8-year anniversary, which is very special! Despite the occasion it was pretty much a regular day...we had a Doctor's appointment (Xander is doing well), went to the mall, and I spent the whole afternoon animating. Jay is feeling uber-preggers and didn't really feel like going out or doing anything fancy, so we got take-out from the Boot and just had a nice little dinner. We may go to Seattle for a day-trip in a few weeks when things settle down, or maybe do something a little more romantic.

I downloaded a bunch of rare movie soundtracks today from VINNIE RATOLLE's Records, an awesome pop culture blog. Pretty great stuff...while animating in my studio, my iPod was graciously providing soundtracks for The Secret of NIMH, The Goonies, Gremlins, The Shining, Little Shop of Horrors and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This also made me happy.

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Nicole Standard said...

I feel like that too :( congrats on the the 8yr Anv.