Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Star Wars - Recut Trailer

So the last couple o' weeks since Halloween have been pretty hectic. This time of year is always rather nerve-wracking as we try to prepare for the spring intake, but things are starting to look up. Between torrential rain, late nights and the time change, it's been rather Twilight Zoney but this week things are good!

To blow off steam, over the weekend I had another random creative impulse which actually came to me in a dream, literally. For some strange reason I had a dream about being part of a video contest that involved making a Star Wars parody, and afterwards woke up in the middle of the night with all of these random ideas in my head. Since I love the concept of "recut" movie trailers that are usually found on YouTube & elsewhere, somehow I came up with a wacky idea of re-cutting Star Wars to make it appear that Han Solo joins the Empire. After thinking it over, much like my more uplifting Dare You to Move video from several months ago, I went ahead and edited the damn thing.

Part of me felt rather torn over this, as it seems cruel to mess around with the motivations behind characters who seem like real childhood icons, and to turn such a feel-good movie into a downer. But ultimately I ended up justifying it by musing over the following possibility...

Before Star Wars brought a new sense of hope & adventure to pop culture, films of the 1970s reflected the corruption of the post-Vietnam & Watergate era. If George Lucas had stuck with the status quo of '70s Hollywood, what would his film have been like?

Yes, I'm fully aware I'm a nerd.

And on a lighter note, the 2D or not 2D Animation Festival is this weekend, so stay tuned for a full report folks!

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jriggity said...

YES ....confirmation indeed!

I too am a NERD...but now that you actually edited a sequence of starwars are nerdier than I am.

I do have a Darth Vader helmut though.....and a c3po statue....and ??? A FEW OTHER ....?

We should just call it a Nerd stalemate.