Monday, February 04, 2008

Presentation Days (or Daze?)

So the last week has been one of many presentations in a row, enough to certainly curb whatever apprehensions I may have about public speaking. Last Sunday I was proud to speak in church about my thoughts on animation as worship, and it's looking like I'll get to reprise it at another church at some point. Afterwards we had an open sign-up for volunteers to help us put together an Animation Festival at the church as an outreach event. Hopefully it will come together sometime in May, given that there was an overwhelming response from people wanting to help out. Quite a blessing.

Later in the week I got to introduce the King Kong and Jason screenings, and also host a Q&A with Brett Purmal and "Kong" himself. These photos were graciously taken by Jason Vanderhill, who also brought his Colargol collection.

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