Sunday, September 23, 2007

Animation Festival coming up...

So today I found the long-awaited program finally posted for this year's 2D or not 2D Animation Festival. It's the 2nd annual festival hosted by Tony White and the Animaticus Foundation, and I missed it last year, so after learning more about it I've been intent ever since on attending this time. I encourage anyone in the animation community reading my posts, especially if you're on the West Coast or Pacific Northwest, to skip on over and check it out!

Animation festivals, in the past few years, have become a small obsession for me and something I look forward to, especially now that some have sprung up closer to home. The big appeal for me has been the opportunity to meet many of my heroes...various animation historians and independent animators whose work I enjoy, and generally just chatting up animation & watching films with others who love it as much as I do. Even though I work everyday with lots of animators, during the daily grind there's not always much time for the same kind of animation-chat. When it comes to conversations, I'm not much of a "guy-talk" person...I don't like sports, politics, cars, gas prices, stock portfolios, construction or the other kinds of things most guys usually talk about. But when it comes to movies, music, art & faith, and especially weird animated films, I can chat up a storm and become rather animated myself. This is a big part of why I'm drawn to these events, for meeting with kindred spirits and making connections, a few of which have led to nurturing present & future projects. When Ariel is old enough, I look forward to toting her along to enjoy the kid-friendly events these festivals usually provide.

Ironically enough, today I ended up having a brief chat with Youth Pastor Dan about the idea I have for a 'festival' of my own. So more news on that as it crystallizes....

Over & out...Ariel's awake.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

September Happenings

So here we are in my favorite time of year...

Starting to settle into the new VanArts building nicely. It's weird; I feel like I'm at summer camp or something. Except I'm realizing I won't be returning to the old building anymore. Oh well, I like my new office.

I was shocked last weekend to find out that one of my favorite writers, Madeline L'Engle, has passed away. I read 'Wrinkle in Time' and her other Time Trilogy books when I was a kid, and enjoyed them very much. In more recent years, I've gotten a lot of spiritual strength, reassurance and inspiration from her wonderful works 'Walking on Water' and 'The Genesis Trilogy.' I always thought it would be neat to meet her or converse with her about life. Perhaps on another plane of time & eternity.