Monday, April 23, 2007


Had a good day the morning was my much-anticipated and obsessively-prepared-for first Sunday School class for my 'Faith & Film' series. Basic gist of the class was looking at 'Garden State' and breaking down the symbolism therein. I think I might take everything from the class and make it into an extended visual review for HollywoodJesus sometime soon.

Afterwards, spent the afternoon playing with Ariel and watching some more movies. Saw bits & pieces of 'Man of the Year' but it couldn't really hold my attention. I thought Robin Williams' character was extremely under-developed...he wasn't really acting or playing a character, but more played himself. The film seemed to me an excuse for mixing political statements with recycled Williams jokes...much of the material I remembered from his stand-up acts. And on top of that was a completely unrealistic romance (?) of sorts with Laura Linney, who I can't stand in any film I've seen her in...same with Holly Hunter....they always play the same annoying strung-out characters you just want to reach into the screen and put a muzzle on. So anyway, not much to report on there.

Later on I watched 'Flushed Away' in two parts since I fell asleep and needed to pause for an intermission. I liked it, but wasn't really into the story or characters enough to love it. Still worth another viewing. Animation was fun to watch, in that the Aardman style was very much intact. I've tried looking for some information on how they made it look like stop-motion, all jerky at times...did they use replacement models? Can't seem to find anything except featurettes on the voice actors. Dreamworks sucks.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Iris Out on Michigan for now

Back to BC! The whole trip has been amazing...quite likely the best we've had. Ariel was a good girl and everybody loved her. It's sad needing to leave, but we'll be back. We're headed back with so much stuff, we needed to borrow an extra suitcase.

On Monday I got to visit College for Creative Studies and present my work and my students' work, and hang out with Steve and his students. It was a great time...several students there were incredibly talented. It was also re-assuring to know that the same politics and inane management decisions go on even at large schools like this one, based on the conversations I heard around the campfire. Makes my job seem more normal, I guess you could say. It was a shame that Larry Larson couldn't make it in, but there will be other times for that. I was glad to see Frank Beaver make the effort to come by and visit, and especially the chance meeting with Jim Pinard as well. My second presentation had been cancelled due to all the students coming to the first one instead, so instead we hung out in the classroom and then went up to the office so Steve could tie up some loose ends getting ready for his history class. Jim just happened to catch me as I was going out the door! A rather divine moment of excellent God-timing...I guess He really wanted us to meet....glad too, as we had an amazing chat over coffee. This mysterious "maker of the egg film" I felt was very much on the same page as myself, so we had great talks about our lives, film, God, CS Lewis, and all those other things that matter.

Looky, a triangle of babies! This was one of the events of the trip I was most looking forward to...seeing Jeff & Marie and getting our girls together for playtime. The twins, Kasia and Moira, are beautiful babies and it's nice to know that Ariel will have some friends to bond with over the years when we visit.

Here's some more pictures of various family ties...Ohana, Part II...

Ariel with my 2nd cousin Lisa's kids (Brett, Megan, & Trent) and 1st cousin Sara's little Aeron. So this is 3rd, 4th cousins, or something...ehh, just cousins, all of 'em. Brett reminds me of Daniel at that age; very quirky and creative.

Angels and Demons: Ariel with Uncle Dan

Here's me, Ariel and my brothers with an R2D2 mailbox we found in Greektown! Rather appropriate, since Detroit is typically the Mos Eisley of the USA...'You may never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.' I have to admit though, compared to what I saw growing up, it appears to be under-going a Special Edition digital update.

And other random image-ness...

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

I like any bottle label with a chicken on it.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Ariel, her new singing teddy bear, and her Great-Grammy Ambrose.

4 generations of Ambrose blood!

Me with my Uncle, wait, that's my cousin Ryan.

Ariel and her 'Great-Aunt' Nancy, in every sense of the word.

Friday, April 13, 2007

My Own Little Garden State

I'm here in my ol' home town and having a blast. Jay has many more details on her blog as usual, so I figure I'll give my Kennish commentary and post some awesome pictures.

Hey Fozzie, I want you to turn left at the fork in the road.

Everybody suck on a spoon and see how awesome my brother is.

We've learned on this trip that Ariel LOVES dogs, even fake ones.

I would love to create an entire book of photos with me standing next to every giant mouse with a piece of cheese throughout the country. I now have two pages, since I found another one in Wisconsin almost 10 years ago. The search continues...

My two favorite frau-lines wander through und village de Deutchland...or Frankenmuth.

Tonight I entertained a random decision to see the newly-released Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie with Brother Dan and Good Friend Brandon. Holy crap, was that twisted and somehow brilliantly funny. Not sure what it means for the future of animation, but who cares? It's not Pinocchio but it's not supposed to be. College stoners need art too. A good time was had by all...been a long time since I saw a film like that with that kind of crowd.

Being here at home to catch up with Michigan familiars with my BC family is so much the best of both worlds. I feel alive, and the best is yet to come.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Michigan Trip

The big visit is coming soon!

Mon 9- bussing to Seattle, flying out 10pm.
Tues 10- arriving in Detroit at 5am...ugh (red eye flight!)
Wed 11- goin' to Frankenmuth with the family
Thur 12- returning sometime evening-ish.
Fri 13- chillin' at home
Sat 14- chillin' at home, plus family gathering for dinner
Sun 15- chillin' at home
Mon 16- Me going to College of Creative Studies as a 'guest artist!'
Tues 17- Ann Arbor to see friends and another family gathering
Wed 18- chillin' at home mostly, visiting Mom's classroom
Thur 19- flying back