Monday, April 23, 2007


Had a good day the morning was my much-anticipated and obsessively-prepared-for first Sunday School class for my 'Faith & Film' series. Basic gist of the class was looking at 'Garden State' and breaking down the symbolism therein. I think I might take everything from the class and make it into an extended visual review for HollywoodJesus sometime soon.

Afterwards, spent the afternoon playing with Ariel and watching some more movies. Saw bits & pieces of 'Man of the Year' but it couldn't really hold my attention. I thought Robin Williams' character was extremely under-developed...he wasn't really acting or playing a character, but more played himself. The film seemed to me an excuse for mixing political statements with recycled Williams jokes...much of the material I remembered from his stand-up acts. And on top of that was a completely unrealistic romance (?) of sorts with Laura Linney, who I can't stand in any film I've seen her in...same with Holly Hunter....they always play the same annoying strung-out characters you just want to reach into the screen and put a muzzle on. So anyway, not much to report on there.

Later on I watched 'Flushed Away' in two parts since I fell asleep and needed to pause for an intermission. I liked it, but wasn't really into the story or characters enough to love it. Still worth another viewing. Animation was fun to watch, in that the Aardman style was very much intact. I've tried looking for some information on how they made it look like stop-motion, all jerky at times...did they use replacement models? Can't seem to find anything except featurettes on the voice actors. Dreamworks sucks.

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Tyler and Leah Kovacs said...

I came across your blog through the Bryants blog - that's great your doing analysis on film with Sunday school - Garden State would be interesting - God bless,